The Churchy Mystic:

A Collection of Essays on Folk Healing, Afro-futurism, Lineage, Time Travel, & Spiritual Activism

by Jade T Perry

Spring 2020

The most important thing to know is that the Churchy Mystic Project is not about 'being a Christian. 


The Churchy Mystic project is:

- A container of ideas, explorations, (and other unknown phenomena) on the path of reclaiming the fullness of cultural mystical traditions in the face of colonization  
 - An ongoing bio-myth (connected through artifacts such as log notes, written work, spells, & artistic images) that explores how the cultural norms present inside and outside of “the Black church” carry the DNA of its diaspora
- An artifact - that explores how artifact creation can be spiritual technology
- An Afrofuturistic time traveling device that explores Gramma’s (West Virginian) wit & wisdoms, Momma’s Community Wellness work and how they marked, blurred, and built the fabric of one millennial's mysticism