Mystic Soul Press is an initiative of the Mystic Soul Project, a 501c3 nonprofit organization based in Chicago but engaging with POC (people of color) & QTPOC (queer and trans people of color)-centering at the intersections of spirituality, activism and healing throughout the US & the world. 

Mystic Soul Press continues and extends the mission of centering POC at the intersection of spirituality, activism and healing by offering a platform to lift up the voices, works and wisdom of POC who often don't have access to or fit the traditional boxes of the mainstream publishing industry. 

Mystic Soul Press is committed to engaging exciting frontiers of literary works and offering a space for folks to share their wisdom and have access to the wisdom of other POC & QTPOC folks. 

Mystic Soul Press is committed to publishing at least 2-4 new works a year in addition to the annual Mystic Soul Anthology which will be themed in relationship with the Mystic Soul Conference theme for that year.  These year's theme (2020) is SAVOR and we look forward to submissions from the community for this project.